Wine and Cocktail Tastings

We love that many of our patrons view every trip to the BHWB&K as a mini wine or cocktail tasting, which is why we are always looking for interesting new wines and spirits and why we design so many original mixed drinks. However, we also offer a range of specialized wine or cocktail parties and events. We can customize programs on-site for between 6 and 45 people and off-site for as many as you desire! Events can be as short as an hour, or much longer depending on your needs. Following are a selection of tastings we can offer; however, if there is something else you have in mind, just call us and we can see if we can accommodate.


  • A tour of our wine list.  The simplest of all, we can work with the wines we currently offer by the glass and create either a guided tasting that describes the wines, varietals and reasons we find them interesting and appealing.

  • An introduction to tasting wine.  This generally requires more time and combines basic elements of tasting (color, aroma, taste, glassware, etc.), with a description of the most common grape varietals and their characteristics.

  • Wine by varietal. (e.g. Chardonnay, Riesling, Syrah, etc.).  For those who enjoy a particular grape, we can choose an interesting selection and show similarities and differences by region, by age, by price, etc.

  • Wine by region.  If there is a part of the world where you particularly enjoy the wines, we can craft a tasting to show off the area.

  • Vertical tasting.  Exploring multiple vintages of a particular wine or a particular winemaker can be very exciting. Normally, this requires more time for us to be able to track down the wines.

  • Horizontal tasting.  Choosing a specific area and vintage and comparing wines from different producers can often be fascinating and very enjoyable.

  • Wines with significant age.  Do wines improve with age?  Some do, others don’t. Often it is a matter of what type of flavor profile you enjoy. We can guide you through a variety of aspects of wines as they age.

  • Winemaker dinner/tasting. Having a winemaker or property owner presenting her/his own wines can be a brilliant event, as no one knows more about their wines than they do. Obviously, this type of event is dependent on the availability and willingness of the winemaker!

  • How to pair wines and foods.  Food and wine can certainly be enjoyed independently, but they are often made for one another. We love to discuss the reasons why some matches are so much more common than others and to explore less frequent pairings that can also be spectacular.

Cocktails & Spirits

  • An introduction to cocktails

  • Historic cocktails

  • A hands-on workshop on making cocktails

  • Variations on a theme – different cocktails using a similar base

  • The Traditionalist

  • The Modernist

  • A tasting of ancient blended Scotch Whiskies

  • Single Malts versus Blended Whiskies

  • The evolution of Scotch Whiskies

  • An exploration of any type of alcohol (gin, tequila, mezcal, bourbon, cognac, etc.)

The cost of an event will naturally depend on a range of factors, such as the number of people, the price of the wines/spirits involved, the number of hours and whether or not we need to close our doors to regular customers.