Over the past ten years, the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar has become a popular local hangout largely by offering a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, a broad selection of carefully curated wines by the glass, interesting cocktails and satisfying meals and snacks. Originally thought of more for our libations, we have worked hard over the past six years to develop a cuisine that is both comforting to regulars and enticing to those passing by. To better reflect our combined mission of watering hole and dining destination, we have recently changed our name to the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar & Kitchen. Whether you come with friends to share the moment (and some food and drinks as well) or stop by on your own, our staff and kitchen are there to make you comfortable and bring a smile to your face. 

Wine Program

We are very proud of our wine program. We use a large number of sources to find the most interesting wines from around the world at attractive prices for our customers.  Because we have an advanced wine preservation system, we are able to offer 30 selections by the glass. We also offer most of our reserve wines by the glass with a purchase of two glasses.

Our goal is three-fold in our wine program:

  • Provide our clientele with wines they know and like

  • Discover and introduce to our patrons interesting wines from around the world that are less known but equally delicious

  • Offer a continually evolving list of reserve wines with significant age that are great for the connoisseur and/or for a special occasion

Cocktails & Spirits

A great cocktail requires balance – it is not the number of ingredients but how they are blended. The quality of the ingredients is crucial, the proportions equally so. And yet the cocktail does not end there; small details such as the quantity of ice and the length of exposure (shaken or stirred?), the type of garnish, the rinse, all contribute to the full experience. We offer both classic cocktails and a changing range of specials with a small twist.

For those simply interested in fine alcohols not distracted with outside ingredients, we offer a fine range of bourbons, gins, eaux de vie and vodkas, as well as a unique collection of blended scotch whiskeys.

Our Kitchen

Our food reflects our overall mission: to create a memorable experience, without fanfare, so our guests can simply relax and enjoy themselves. Although you can come in and enjoy one of the best hamburgers in the neighborhood, we have many offerings that are easy to share with friends and pair well with our broad array of wines and cocktails. We strive to use the best seasonal ingredients to offer a frequently changing range of specials.